Personal Information of the Freelancer (a natural person)
Must EXACTLY match your name as it appears in your passport.

Please email us at :
1. Passport;
2. Proof of address dated less than 3 months (water, electricity, telephone, gas bill, etc.).

Please scan the passport page with name and photo.
Please scan a proof of address (either a utility or phone bill stating your name and address) or a bank statement dated less than 3 months.
Choice of UAE Bank
Attention: This is a personal bank account. The UAE Freelance License does not allow you to open a professional bank account in the UAE.
Information concerning the company in the USA (a legal entity which will be wholly owned by the Freelancer)
Please describe the activities of your company as well as possible. For example: the sale of solar panels, web design, etc. Please indicate your main activity or your main product line.
Please provide us with 3 potential company names listed in order of preference.
Choice of US bank for your US company
In the event of a delivery request (by express mail at our expense), please fill in the following information:
Telephone number required for delivery. We will email you the tracking number as soon as the mail leaves our office.
Point of Contact details. This is the person we will contact for all follow-up of your registration.
Our package includes a WordPress website

This service is included in your package. If necessary, you can define it later.
Domain name endings: .com, .net, .org domain name. info, .biz. Please check the name availability beforehand on this site..
You can generate a secure password on this site..

Up to 3 email addresses are included in your package.
Invoice Details
This information is only for our accounting